Remote Access

Remote access is available for both students and staff to access the schools software and files, giving the experience of being in school from your home computer or tablet device.

Most computers running Windows Xp, 7 or 8 will have a piece of software called Remote Desktop Connection on. If your using a iPad the recommended free app is PocketCloud. For Android the same app can be used (Android link). This app allows you to login with your MySandStorm details (ie., which then will save remote connection details for every device you use this app on. Even works on iPhones.

The main details are:


For the PocketCloud you need to use these details:

Type: RDP
Advanced settings/Port: 443

For Windows this is how to connect

Open up Remote Desktop which can be found under the Start Menu then Accessories. Once open you will be presented with this window:


Enter the computer information as written in the above image and when you are happy the settings are filled in, click Connect. Please accept any messages that appear on the screen.

When prompted for credentials your username and password will be the ones you use at school. For everyone your username will be and password is the same as you Mysandstorm password.

If you are having issues connecting please see someone in Network Support.